Walking with the trend is one most important things in today’s time and dyeing your hair is one of the crucial parts. Coloring your hair to a different color is the new fashion. People are transforming themselves by dyeing them into different colors like blonde, brown, blue, or any other color. Now you have chosen to dye your hair from Blonde to Brown Hair Transformation that means you are toning things down. 

Dyeing hair is an exciting thing to do. But only choosing a professional colorist is not enough. Before dyeing your hair you must understand certain things. In this blog, you will learn about some tips which you must know before dyeing your hair from blonde to brown.

Things You know before Dyeing your Hair

  • Try a Wig first

Dyeing your hair will change your entire appearance. It is a drastic change so if you really want to change it you should try a wig for some time. It is recommended by NYC-based hair colorist Stephanie Brown. She said that before dyeing your hair brown you should try a wig and wear it around all day without any makeup. By this, you will get a feel for how you will look after transforming your hair. Also, remember that returning to blonde won’t happen in a blink of an eye, so you have to make sure you’re fully invested in the color change.

  • Transform Slowly

Some people do not want to be brunettes after they have been blonde for a long time. In this scenario where you do not want the blonde but also do not want the typical brown then you can prefer somewhere between blonde and brown. It is suggested by the professionals that for the best result you should go darker slowly to avoid the mistake of going too dark. 

  • Show Pictures to your Colorist

It will be very convenient for you and your colorist if you will show pictures of the brown shade which you are hoping for. Sharron Dorram, Master colorist and owner of Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger Salon in NYC, said that It is difficult to go in with an idea of what you want and expect your colorist to have that same picture in her head. So don’t hesitate to bring photos or save images on your mobile of your preferred shade.

  • Extra TLC before your Salon Appointment

Whether your Blonde hair is natural or artificial, you must take extra care to moisturize your hair before dyeing it to a darker shade. A protein-rich, hydrating conditioner prepares it for absorbing colored molecules during the dyeing process, says Genna Still, master colorist at Spoke & Weal Salon. Also if you are going darker then there is no real damage because brown dyes have a little bit of hydrogen peroxide and in semi permanents, there are lots of natural oils. So in the end you are going to feel like your hair is healthier.

  • Prepare yourself because It will take some time

You have to prepare yourself because dyeing your hair is gonna take your time. Blonde hair needs to be filled with warm water so that your hair doesn’t look gray or muddy or greenish. This process usually takes some time because it is done with glossers, toners, and semi-permanent colors. The initial color might look different in the beginning so you might have to come back to the salon in the next few weeks.

  • Avoid products that dry your hair

After coloring your hair you have to nourish your hair daily. You have to avoid using products which contain too much alcohol that can strip the hair of moisture, you can use lightweight oils like dpHUE Argan Oil Therapy to nourish your hair. You should take a dime amount of it and start from the ends of your hair and work your way up. It is recommended by experts to avoid the roots with oily products.

  • Ignore the Sun

Ignore the sun as they say “The Sun is no friend to hair”. Experts say that sunlight oxidizes color, making it lighted, brassy or both. You can do two things to avoid the sun

  1. Wear a cap 24*7 
  2. Use the Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse

Now the first option is more difficult because you cannot wear a hat 24*7 but you can use the Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse which will help you maintain the color of your hair also it will make it soft, smooth and cleansed.

  • Use the right products

Now the most important part comes which is to use the right products which means to use the right shampoo and conditioner. Choose the product’s brand with caution, read its review first before using it. If you want to revive your hair color then you have to use the right products.

  • Returning to Blonde again

As the people say, “Going dark is permanent”. This statement is partially true because coloring your hair dark is not permanent but it is challenging to revert back to your old lighter shade. If you want to revert it back then it would involve color removal and it would take almost a day at the salon. So please be sure in your mind before changing your hair color from b\Blonde to Brown.

Final Thoughts

Blonde to Brown Hair transformation is exciting and it will change your whole look but make sure you are fully committed to changing your hair color. Try a wig sometimes and if you feel right then go to the salon and change it. Also Treat your hair with utmost care because one little mistake can damage your hair. Do not hesitate while spending any money on your hair.