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The phrase we always use to stay motivated is” Beauty stays in our heart, not in the face” but now we can change it and say beauty stays in everything heart as well as on the face. The face is an identity of people but stays in people’s memories. There is one more phrase “Confidence comes from beauty” so when we get old our confidence fades. But now we can stay confident even when we are getting old by using an Anti-aging cream.

We can’t stop time similarly we can’t stop aging but we can stop our skin from getting old.

What anti-aging product.

Anti-aging cream works as a moisturizer for your face. Anti-aging creams are mainly moisturizer-based cosmetic skincare products. It is basically used to look younger by reducing masking or preventing signs of skin aging. The signs of skin aging are looseness of limbs or muscles, getting wrinkles, taking metabolic stress, which includes redness of the skin, loss of color in the skin, yellow appearance of skin due to sun damage, abnormal growth, or poor texture. 

Facts :

  • The facts are  it  reduces wrinkles by less than 10-20% weeks,that is not noticeable from human eyes.
  • Another fact is that anti aging cream is cheap moisturizers as effective as high price anti wrinkle cream.

Ingredient :

When we use moisture it alone can hide the small wrinkles in our skin. It basically improves our skin, By temporarily moisturizing the skin, making lines and wrinkles less visible. Normal lotions contain gel, cream, oil, serum, and other ingredients, such as glycerine waxes, etc.

So what’s the difference between normal lotion and anti- aging cream?

Anti-aging cream contains moisturizers with ingredients that offer additional benefits. The added ingredients help the skin to get better and to improve texture, fine lines,  wrinkles, skin tone, and so on. The skin type also matters when you use skin products. 

Here are common ingredients to improve skin appearance.

  • Vitamin C : It helps the skin from free radicals and unstable oxygen molecules that break down skin cells and cause wrinkles(ascorbic acid).
  • Retinoids: (Vitamin A) This helps to protect skin from sun damage and reduce wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Peptides: They naturally produce in the living body. They help us to improve skin texture and wrinkles.
  • Hydroxy acids: They help us to remove dead skin to help other ingredients to dissolve in our skin and give smoothness.They have AHAs include glycolic, citric and lactic acid. 

AHAs, beta hydroxy acids have also help to reduce the fine line and wrinkles

  • Niacinamide: It is also known as vitamin B-3(niacin). It helps to reduce water loss in the  skin and improve elasticity of skin.
  • Coenzyme Q10: It helps us to protect skin from sun damage and reduces  fine wrinkles around the eyes.
  • Grape seed extract: In addition to antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, grape seeds extract promotes collagen production.

Which one should we buy?

Consider the following point to judge the product:

  • Cost: The cheapest the anti-aging cream the more effective it is. But there might be no connection of cost with effectiveness.
  • Lower Doses: Prescribed anti-aging cream contains more active ingredients than Non-prescribed.
  • Daily uses: If you want to improve your skin you have to use it at least once or twice a day for weeks, after that you can notice the results , it will improve your skin.
  • Multiple Ingredients: One ingredient will be more effective than two or three ingredients in one product. Never use too much cream at once because it does not benefit your skin and can have side effects.
  • Individual Difference: Product effectiveness depends on your skin type. When you buy any skin or face related product you should check your skin type.
  • Side effects: Product might affect your skin. It can cause skin irritation, rashes, burning of skin, redness, allergic reaction. So, be aware of reading instructions and ingredients of the product.

Natural aging can be genetically determined, but extrinsic aging can be prevented.

Aesthetic dermatology should contribute to “Healthy aging” to erase time vestiges in the skin but also playing a significant role in prevention, regeneration, and delaying of skin aging combining part in local and systemic therapy, instrumental devices and invasive producers, lack of scientific investigation and becoming one of the important focuses of aging research.