In the summer season, the skin needs care if uh don’t dare to your skin then your skin feels burning due to heat. Glowing skin enhances our beauty so the more glowing the skin, the more beauty also increases. We all know that UV rays are not good for our skin. The intensity of UV rays increases even more in summer. That’s why We should save our skin from UV rays in summer. During the summer season, the face becomes very oily due to the heat and UV rays due to which The glow of the skin decreases, and the beauty also decreases. Oily skin reduces the glow of the skin in the summer weather. Everyone wants oil-free skin. Due to oily skin acne problems, blackheads problem raised. There are many tips for oily skin to keep your skin glowing in summer weather.  

Wash your face regularly 

As we all know that in summer how important is it to wash your face for oily skin. Oily skin occurs only when there is extra oil on our skin, therefore it is very important to wash the face to remove the extra oil. When your skin is oil-free, then the glow also increases skin.  We should wash our faces many times in one day. Washing the face is very important to maintain the skin and remove the dirt, oil, and other unwanted debris. 

Lemon juices 

Everyone knows lemon and it is a natural home remedy. Lemon is like a  cleanser. Lemon is used a lot in summers as it is very beneficial for the skin and also for health. Lemon gives a brightening and glowing skin. Lemon is beneficial for oily skin because it contains antibacterial and astringent properties. lemon is very helpful for the reduce the extra oil. Apply the lemon to the face first of all t cut the lemon and squeeze it. Juice is ready now u can apply the juice with cotton and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes and lastly wash your face. You will get the instant result after using the lemon juice. 

Multani mitti 

Multani mitti is a natural home remedy. Multani mitti reduces the extra oil from the face that’s why it is good for oily skin.  Multani mitti and rose water and honey face packs are one of the best face packs for oily skin. In summer we should use the Multani mitti at the night. It cleans the face and gives brightening skin to you. Apply the Multani mitti with rose water and make a paste. Apply this paste to the face for 20 minutes. lastly, wash your face. You get oil-free skin due to Multani mitti. 


Rosewater is easily available in everyone’s homes. Whenever we make a face pack, water is definitely mixed in it because it helps in making our skin glowing skin. Rosewater gives refreshment to the skin. Rosewater is used for all skin types such as oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, etc. In summer Rose water reduces oil from the skin and also enhances the glow. In summer everyone should use rose water makes your skin glow and also makes your skin feel cool. It is pure natural. 

Ice massage on the face 

Ice is so cold that’s why it is used in summer weather. In summer, people’s skin often gets very burning due to heat, due to which rashes also occur, to solve this problem we use ice cubes because ice massage reduces the heat from the skin. ice massage is very beneficial for the oilskin because when we use the ice cubes on the face then ice cubes reduce the extra oil on the face due and you get glowing skin. 


Cucumber is a seasonal vegetable of the summer. Cucumber is good for your skin and your health. Cucumber contains vitamin K and vitamin A and is about 95% water.  It has also many phytonutrients that are called lignans. Cucumber maintains the skin. everyone eats cucumber in summer weather. Cucumber is for all skin types such as oily, dry skin, etc. cucumber reduces the extra oil from the face and gives you oil-free skin. cucumber is used for glowing skin, maintaining health, hydrating your skin, removing dark circles,s, etc. there are lots of benefits of cucumber.

 Apply Grame Flour 

Gram flour is a home remedy and this indignant is easily available in everyone’s kitchen.  In summer people should use gram flour on their face. In summer due to heat (UV rays), our skin becomes oily and tanning also occurs the skin. Gram flour removes the tanning from the face and reduces the extra oil from the face. It gives clean, brightening skin, glowing skin, and oil-free skin. Apply the gram flour on the face, take 1 tsp gram flour and mix the curd, and honey(optional) and mix it well. now that the paste is ready you can apply this paste to the face for 15 to 20 minutes. In last, wash your face without using soap.  

Apply highlighted moisturizer or sunscreen 

Our skin needs a moisturizer because if we don’t use the moisturizer then the skin gets dry. In summer who people have oily skin, they should use a light-weighted moisturizer or any light-weighted sunscreen.  Moisturizer gives a glowings skin and it removes the dryness from the skin.  Apply the moisturizer or sunscreen after the bath. A light-weighted moisturizer protects your skin and gives oil-free skin. 


In summer Our skin needs a lot of care. In summer, the skin becomes oily, so its glow also decreases. we have discussed some tips for oily skin we hope these tips are helpful for you.