Hair thinning could be the cause of your portion increasing or the thickness of your ponytail reducing. “As we get older, the diameter of our hair shaft shrinks,” says Zoe Draelos, M.D., a clinical and research dermatologist in High Point, North Carolina. That means you may have the same number of follicles as before, but the individual strands may appear to be thinner, giving the impression of decreased volume.

Hair that is thin is more prone to breakage, and when hair growth slows with age, the damage becomes more visible.

While you won’t be able to restore individual strand thickness permanently, there are plenty of ways (and hair thickening treatments) to increase overall volume. One of the most straightforward?

According to the specialists at the Good Housekeeping Institute Beauty Lab, you should begin your hair routine with a volumizing shampoo. Because volumizing shampoos often contain less conditioning ingredients and are less prone to weigh hair down, they can help make the hair appear fuller and thicker.

GH Beauty Lab scientists evaluate label-masked hair thickening shampoos and conditioners on consumers around the country for features like application, aroma, cleansing ability, weight and feel on hair, and volumizing and thickening benefits to find the thickening shampoos that really work.

The Instron machine was employed in the lab to analyze conditioning ability; in the most recent test to determine the best thickening shampoos, a total of 6,254 data points were recorded.

Hair Loss and Thinning: What Causes It?-

Every day, everyone loses approximately 100 strands of hair. Behind it there are several reasons like daily routine like food and sleeping timing, we do not have time to manage and care of here these are the basic reason for hair loss. So we are doing the some most important reasons behind hair fall below,

Due to Hormonal imbalance – Hormones are thrown out of whack during childbirth, pregnancy, menopause, and thyroid disorders, which can result in hair loss and thinning.

Due to Stress – Excessive shedding is frequently caused by severe worry and other sorts of stress, according to Davis-Changes in your body may result in hair loss as a result of your psychological condition.

Due to Medication- While everyone’s side effects are different, Davis says many of her customers have experienced hair loss while using prescription drugs.

Due to poor nutrition- According to Davis, dieting and weight reduction are two of the most prevalent reasons for hair loss, especially if you aren’t getting enough vitamins and nutrients to keep your hair and scalp healthy.

Shampoo for thicker fuller hair

The best hair thickening shampoos on the market, according to the GH Beauty Lab and hairstylists, promise to give fine, limp, flat, or thin strands a considerable volume and fullness boost.

Shampoo Densifique Bain Densité

It received the highest marks for making strands feel thicker, leaving hair feeling clean, and being lightweight. “They were quite effective! “a tester was taken aback. “When I use these products, my hair has so much volume and bounce!”.

Why we choose it- 

  • The majority of thickening formulations
  • Cleansing thoroughly
  • Lightweight
  • Simple to use and rinse.

Shampoo Fructis Full & Plush Fortifying 

In GH Beauty Lab testing, Fructis Full & Plush fortifying shampoo tied for first place for volumizing strands while still leaving hair smooth and conditioned – at a fraction of the cost. The product was very simple to use and left hair combable after towel drying. “After only one application, my hair felt instantly fuller. One tester exclaimed, “I was shocked”.

Why we choose it-

  • Exceptionally volumizing
  • Benefits of conditioning that may be measured
  • Excellent scent

Shampoo Pro-V Sheer Volume

This Pro-V Sheer Volume Shampoo can revitalize fine or flat hair that is dry and in need of further conditioning. “This shampoo made my hair so lovely and full, and really reduced the frizz,” one GH Beauty Lab tester said. Others praised the aroma as “clean” and “fruity,” as well as how well it conditioned hair, making it easier to comb after towel-drying.

Why we choose it-

  • The formula is extremely conditioning
  • Enhances fullness
  • Excellent value for money.

Volumizing Shampoo by Pure Abundance

This shampoo, which is made with natural components including wheat protein and aloe, received high scores from testers for making their hair feel thicker. One enthused, “This product increased my hair volume and thickness – and provided the appearance of having more hair”.

Why we choose it-

  • Ingredients are derived from plants.
  • Hair appears to be thicker as a result of this treatment.

Oxygen Moisture Shampoo (Nutritive Solutions)

This sort of shampoo is the best for revitalizing lifeless strands because of its nice “fresh and clean” aroma. It also received high marks for leaving hair feeling clean, silky, and light. “After using these products, my styled hair had more volume and body, and I received compliments,” one tester said. “My hair had more bounce,” said another.

Why we choose it-

  • enticing aroma
  • Purifies and softens the skin.
  • Hair isn’t weighed down by it.

Extra Strength Volumizing Shampoo with Biotin and Collagen

This was praised in the GH Beauty Lab for its “luxurious” washing lather, despite the fact that it was free of sulfates. The product was praised for its ease of application and rinsing, as well as its ability to produce sufficient lather and leave hair feeling clean and simple to comb. A tester said, “It helped give my hair more body.”

Why we choose it

  • Excellent value
  • Well lathers
  • Sulfate-free.

Gentle Shampoo

Looking for a gentle solution that won’t weigh your hair down? “This sulfate- and sodium-chloride-free shampoo employs only the most gentle natural ingredients and supports natural thickness,” says the company.

Why we choose it-

  • Sulfate-free 
  • mild formula.


We discussed the reason behind hair fall, thin layer hair and mentioned the best thicker fuller hair shampoo, these above-mentioned shampoo reduce your hair fall and help you for getting thicker fuller hair. these shampoos are based on,

  • The majority of thickening formulations
  • Cleansing thoroughly
  • Lightweight
  • Simple to use and rinse.