Serum was launched by the Garnier Company which gave the best results. Becoming very popular nowadays. It has Vitamin CHow To Apply Serum in it. This is a booster serum that gives you the healthier and glowing skin of your face.

Benefits Of Serum:

  • It is lightweight and has a non-oily formula.
  • It has 30x Vitamin-C and yuzu lemon extract.
  • Most importantly is that it’s Garnier’s most concentrated spot reduction formula.


  1. Cleanse face with micellar water.
  2. Take 2~3 drops of Garnier Vitamin-C serum.
  3. Spread it gently on your palm.
  4. Gently can it on your face.
  5. Apply moisturizer if you feel like it.
  • The serum is considered to be the best to have a glowing face, and you can use it without makeup. You don’t need to apply heavy makeup on your face to attend a function or party. As we all know that Vitamin-C is very healthy for our skin whether it’s a product or any kind of healthy diet Vitamin-C plays a crucial role for our skin. It keeps your skin healthy, supple and glowing. You always have a fresh feeling in your skin by having a good amount of Vitamin-C in your body. 
  • Garnier serum is a completely light-weight product, meaning when you apply it on your face you will never feel it heavy. Moreover, after 2~3 hours of applying it you will find that it has negligible oil texture on your face, no chip-chip type on your face. After long hours also your skin will be as it was before.
  • Yuzu lemon extract is very well known to remove antioxidants from skin. Lemon always provides an oil free skin , when we apply lemon on our face it extracts good amounts of oil from skin and acts as a  black spots removal for the skin.
  • Some people have dark black spots on their face but yuzu lemon is the best source in reducing extra dark spots from the face.
  • Above we discussed how to apply serum on the face. Follow all such steps gently and get a good and glowing skin without applying heavy makeup on your face. For a healthy skin wash your face twice a day, apply serum on your face . When you apply it on your face you will find some kind of softness in your skin. This softness in your skin will provide you with an oil-free and glowing face. Before applying serum on your face ,first clean you face. Use a towel and soak water from your face. After that, take out 2~3 drops of serum on you hands , spread it on your hand ,you will feel very soft on your hand and now ready to apply it on your face. After that if you feel like you can apply your regular moisturizer after applying serum but not necessary.


To have good and glowing skin for long hours without using heavy makeup on your face. Vitamin C plays a vital role in our skin. A good amount of Vitamin C in our skin keeps our skin glowing and healthy. Healthy skin is fresh skin, where cells of skin always have a good amount of energy in it. Always follow the steps mentioned above to apply the serum to your face.