Here are some brilliant Natural Beauty Care Tips for your skin and hair to make them glowing and shining. With our busy schedule it is difficult for most of us to maintain daily routine beauty tips for skin and hair but as mentioned below tips are very easy you can do it very easily and with less time. Take a look at the best and natural beauty care tips and tricks for skin and hair:-

For Skin 

Try to sleep at least 8 hours…Don’t forget to wash yours before going to bed at night. Keep yourself hydrated. Drink large amounts of water on a regular basis. For dry skin, use cleansers that are free of alcohol. You can also apply honey, turmeric on your face twice a week for glowing skin and to heal your skin. Eat vegetables, fruits that have large amounts of water content like oranges, watermelons, cucumbers, etc.

Wash your face daily with warm water, twice a day, and massage gently in a circular motion. For a glowing and clean face use a face pack of Multani mitti, Chandan, Kesar. For pimple issues on the face wash your wash with rose water and on pimples place chilled tea bag for 5 minutes. To nourish, smooth and glowing skin use homemade products which we made with natural ingredients like with the help of 2 tablespoon flour,1.5 tablespoon turmeric, a pinch of sandalwood with rose water, and mix it well and apply it on your skin you get a good result.

For Hair

for long, lasting, and strong hair do oiling thrice a week. Give your hair good nutrients and vitamins for shining brighter. your body must require a lot of energy for good hair growth. Use jojoba oil, pumpkin seed which increases a good amount of your hair. Oiling your hair also prevents hair damage so use the best oil for your hair. If you have hair loss use topical ointments which help you to grow hair. Topical ointment promotes strong hair growth.

You can also take keratin supplements for less hair growth, for improvement in hair strength, and also improve luster and brightness of hairs. Take protein to improve hair growth and it also protects hair from chemical damage and from environmental damage. Take a proper diet and stay hydrated for good hair. Get a scalp massage for growing and frizz-free hairs. Use egg yolk mass for smooth hairs. Use hot castor oil treatments for nourishment.

To remove freezes go with a botox spa treatment. Use rosemary oil for stimulating hair growth. Keep your hair moisturized with good products. For split ends detangle your hair and add time between your hair treatments.