Summer may be terrible for your pores and skin. Especially when you see all that healthy glow melting away with the sweat, and no beauty hack seems to work out. Ladies, do you realize that you’ve been given the ultimate weapon for all your beauty woes lying proper in your freezer? Whether you are attempting to fight a pimple or make your make-up keep on with your pores and skin for longer on a warm summertime season day, an ice cube is a closing solution to all of your worries! No matter what your pores and skin condition, an ice cube on your face can work like magic. Let’s take a look at how.

Applying ice to an area of the body for health functions is referred to as cold therapy or cryotherapy. It’s automatically used in the remedy of contusion injuries to:

  • Ease ache by temporarily reducing nerve activity
  • Lessen swelling through decreasing blood flow
  • Accelerate functional recovery through promoting soft tissue healing

Proponents of ice facials, or “pores and skin icing,” advise that it could be used to:

  • get rid of puffiness, especially across the eyes
  • lessen oiliness
  • ease acne
  • soothe sunburn
  • lessen swelling and inflammation, including rashes and insect bites
  • lessen signs of aging, such as wrinkles
  • Improve the pores and skin’s healthful glow

These claims are best supported with the aid of using anecdotal evidence. There is no definitive clinical research indicating that ice facials can address these conditions.

Keep reading if you’re still curious about this famous face treatment. We’ll inform you more about it, consisting of how to apply the ice to your face, alternative ingredients for your ice cubes, and high-quality practice tips.

Rubbing Ice Cube On Face: Is It Good?

Rubbing ice on your face after a busy day is quite refreshing. If everyday pressure is taking a toll on your face and skin, ice can help. It boosts blood movement in your face and makes it radiant.

If you haven’t heard about the ‘Ice Facial’ yet, let me tell you that it is a regular Korean beauty trend. This has inspired splendor-aware people across the world to rub ice all over their faces to keep it glowing and make it seem smoother.

Benefits Of Rubbing Ice Cube On Face

A fresh-out-of-the-freezer ice cube may be the all-year-round savior to your pores and skin. Here’s how:

1. Key To Glowing Skin

Everyone wants radiant and glowing skin, and an ice massage on the face can give you just that. It improves blood movement in your pores and skin and makes it bright. Applying ice to your face constricts the blood vessels, which initially lowers the blood flow in your pores and skin. To balance that, your body starts circulating more blood to your face, which makes it active and radiant.

2. Enhances Product Absorption

This is an age-old trick that ensures the skin absorbs all the products you observe. If you’ve got night cream or any serum for your pores and skin, rub an ice cube over it. This constricts the capillaries on your face and creates a pulling impact on your pores and skin which, in turn, helps in better absorption of the products.

3. Eliminates Dark Circles

Applying ice to your face often allows you to deal with stubborn darkish circles. What you want to do is boil some rose water and blend cucumber juice in it. Freeze this mixture and then apply the ice cube to your eye area. But, don’t expect results overnight. As it works slowly, you will need to repeat this procedure for a few days to see results.

4. Calms And Soothes Acne On Your Face

If you’re already pissed off with the pestering acne to your face, permit ice cubes to work their magic on it. When you operate an ice cube to your face, it helps minimize oil production to your skin. It also works well in curing the bumps and swelling caused by pimples.

5. Constricts The Skin Pores

Your face has pores that release natural oils and perspiration, thus aiding in keeping it clean. However, if dirt gets accumulated in the pores, it reasons zits and acne. Rubbing an ice dice in your face after washing it enables cutting back the pores. This maintains out the dust from the pores and your face clean.

6. Ice for puffy eyes

The Mayo Clinic suggests that you can reduce bags below your eyes by applying a cold compress to the area with mild pressure for a few minutes. Proponents of ice facials suggest using ice cubes made of water or a caffeinated drink such as tea or coffee.

Tips for facial icing

Before giving ice facials a try, discuss it with your medical doctor or dermatologist. They may have some concerns or suggestions about your pores and skin condition, medications you may be taking, and your current health status.

If you get the green light out of your healthcare provider, here are a few recommended tips to follow:

  1. Use a dedicated ice tray for the cubes you’ll be using for your face. Clean it after each use.
  2. Always wash your face before icing.
  3. Keep a clean washcloth or tissue handy to wipe extra liquid that would drip out of your face.
  4. Use a cloth or some other barrier between the ice and your pores and skin. This will protect your palms and face.
  5. Avoid holding the ice on your pores and skin for too long. Prolonged exposure to freezing temperatures can result in ice burn.


Facial skin icing is very popular. Although not supported by scientific research, there’s anecdotal evidence that it can be beneficial for some of the conditions, such as pimples and puffy eyes.

Many proponents of the practice suggest making ice cubes with different ingredients, like aloe and green tea, to deal with specific pores and skin care needs.

If you’re considering ice facials, discuss the concept with your healthcare issuer first. They can decide if icing your face is appropriate in your present-day health condition and any medications, especially topical, that you’ve been prescribed.