Where many people like to sweat by going to the gym, many people worry about sweating. Which further aggravates the problem. It must be kept in mind that acne does not occur only due to sweating and our health is also very good. Exercise and sweating generate bacteria on our skin. And you leave it on your skin without washing it off. Sweating helps increase your acne.

Acne comes from sweat.

You don’t get acne from your own sweat we can say that after exercising, we go outside and Stick different types of dust in the body, due to which nails become acne and due to the drying up of sweat on the body, the holes of our body are closed due to which the nails become acne. 

Is sweating good or bad for our body and acne?

Sweating is good for our body but not good for our acne. Because sweating from the body keeps our body healthy but is not good for acne as it aggravates the acne, even more, what if you let sweat stay on your body after exercising because of that our areas get close and lots of acne come that’s why sweating is not good for our acne.

Is sweating good for the skin?

We can say that sweating is right from the body. it is not right for them but skin should stay for long. We should not stay like this after sweating from the body. We should wash our bodies. So that we do not have acne on our body and we stay safe.

How to treat pimples and acne?

We can get rid of it in many ways. The fresher you stay, the more pimples you won’t get.  Even if there are pimples, then seek treatment from the doctor. And will you be fine and you will not have to face many problems. We can get rid of our pimples well and acne coming like this. by cleaning our body at the right time, we will not face problems like pimples


What do I know from this sweating is right from the body but is not right for our acne. We can stay healthy by getting sweat from our body and we will not have any kind of disease. But our acne gets aggravated by sweating due to which we have to face problems and our irritability also increases.