Every time a camera pans on your face you want to shine like a crystal. Despite having the perfect angles to a camera it is the skin Glam that conquers the battle. So, does that mean all make-up add-ons do no wonders?

Well, we do, with the right coat of foundation, a small coat Maskara, a line of strong Kohl, and a tinge of pearl highlighter can pull out the sunflowers of the meadow. But having said that one must know that the luminous factor to this collateral face would be the elegance of the skin. So, how do I get to this elegant stage of the skin?

Well, it is a steady journey you learn little by little. To understand the pros of the make-up rule it is also important to know about your skin type. Many makeup products produce irritation to sensitive skin, thus it is really important to know what kind of skin a person has. A person’s skin type depends upon the oil that is produced through its oil glands. Generally, the skin of an individual is dry, oily and a combination of both.

Sensitive skin type

skin is primarily exposed to all types of weather, environment, pollution, and heat. These factors are maybe responsible for the irritation caused in the skin and the redness along with increased itching. Hence applying any kind of makeup would increase the irritation. Sensitive skin type is a result of many factors like lack of regular skincare and dehydration. These factors lead to any kind of irritation in the skin. So, drink lots of water. Well, that’s not enough. Eczema which is termed as a skin sensitivity could occur to any normal skin type.

Ode to the sensitive skin

Harlem Eden said, “Skincare is so much more important than make-up. Make-up is for when you are having fun and going out. But your skin is forever”

I couldn’t agree more. Skin damage is not easily reversible and regular skincare can create irreversible wellness. It is believed and hence is a proven fact that skin analysis is more important than skincare the right category of formulation and product can create wonders. So what would be accurate in formulation?

Since sensitive skin is always under harsh formulating surveillance of the ingredients of the products, their fragrances can attain formidable irritation that can crack through the complexion and increase the redness, breakouts. Next time there is a popular opinion among the dermatologist that says, “sensitive skin is the result of a product that people apply and dust to get rid of the redness beneath ingredients that could foster their skin type.”

Make-up products are a combination of various chemical products, fragrances, ingredients but having a key perspective towards the right ingredients is what we yield. Formaldehyde Is the key ingredient unaffected to irritating skin. It can lead to allergies especially to sensitive skin. The other most common factor to sensitive skin is dehydration. Dehydration can cause inflammation. 

The most organic solution to dehydration and other issues with sensitive skin can be overcome by Following originally that includes hyaluronic acid, glycerin, Shea butter, and ceramides. These ingredients not only moisturize the skin but also traps it in hydration. So if you have the above-mentioned four ingredients in your products, grab it for sure.


Prepping up: Now that you know the requirements of sensitive skin, the other most interesting phase in skincare. The other important opinion among dermatologists is, “Do not forget to do CTM”. CTM stands for cleanser, toner, and moisturizer.

Cleansing: Skin cleansing is essential for a healthy complexion; it removes makeup, dirt, and pollution from the skin surface. It is the first step to any kind of prep up and it is essential skincare. It hydrates and cleanses the complexion. Will it is believed that skin routine is the bank account so invest wisely. Using an oil cleanser with warm water can hydrate your skin and suck out all tiredness. Using a cotton pad in a cleanser to remove the dirt out of the face.

Toning : Toning lotions remove all stances of cleansers and grease. The main orientation of a toning step is to create a tightening effect on the skin. And it also balances out the pH level. 

Moisturizing: Moisturizers are also considered as protection lotions; they plum the skin tissues and minimizes the approach of any kind of fine lines. It is a barrier between us the skin and The makeup cosmetics. Applying moisturizer to sensitive skin can often create wonders it dries out all sensations and protects from the worst effects of dehydration.

Sunscreen: Sunscreen provides us protection from the harmful sun rays of the day and the damages it causes on the skin. It is important to end roll CP as a factor in your skin routine to stand out from the sun. Remember to use the SPF factor of at least 30 in a recommendation. Gently apply to your face and skin that are often exposed to sunlight. Apply it few minutes before stepping out in the sun.

Nourishing : nourishing creams or like night guards for the skin they’re often applied during sleep time and I made them for all types of skins. The night cream can clean your skin and massage out all the tiredness of the morning as it penetrates deep into your skin. Night creams have an absorbing capacity so it is left for 20 to 30 minutes on the skin to sink in deep cleansing the pores and hydrating it through the ingredients.

Foundation and concealer: it is often believed that foundation and concealer should be applied only on the needed areas of your skin. Considers the only required to cover up the blemishes of the skin and not the entire surface area. Therefore remember to apply the two at convenient places.

Tools: While applying foundation or any other product on your skin be sensitive to words using the tools. Since sensitive skin gets irritated easily does it is really important to apply extra importance to the tools that you use on your skin example the brush or the sponge. Keep your brushes clean and wash your sponge to avoid any kind of irritation or redness in your skin.

Remove the makeup: This is the most essential step of all skincare. No matter how tired you are after a party Remember to remove the makeup using wipes miscellaneous water along with cotton pads.


This article presents a clear picture of using appropriate skin products for sensitive skin. I hope it cleared all doubts and elevated your confidence to shine like a crystal.