Have you been wanting to lighten hair without bleach to get that dream look that you’ve been craving but are too afraid to use bleach? Don’t worry, just like every skin and hair care problem this problem too has various solutions. We will slide through a number of simple hair-friendly & scalp-friendly ways tipped by experts to lighten your hair without bleach. 

Why is bleaching a problem ?

Many hair styling professionals have mentioned that a lot of women and teens, specifical females, come to the salon after a hair bleaching disaster with the hope to correct it. People assume that the more the volume of the developer the faster it will lift which is absolutely not the case. The process of lifting is seen in levels like red first, then orangish-red, then orange, then yellow, next pale yellow and so on. And then people stop lifting at the red or orange level and seek help from a professional. This not just damages the hair and the scalp but also is costly because you not just need to go to a salon to do a tedious job of repairing a disaster but also need to go to a trichologist or a dermatologist. Bleaching your hair removes moisture from your hair and is extremely damaging. If you’ve been bleaching your hair continuously then they’re prone to damage or fall or get split ends. So if you’re not a certified professional or are not experienced enough, staying away from bleach is recommended because if you’re not a professional, in the best-case scenario, you’ll bleach your hair but in uneven tones and in the worst-case scenario you’d burn your scalp, damage your hair or even lose it.

There are a lot of safer and natural ways to lighten your hair without bleach. All the ways we have mentioned are budget-friendly and the remedies are easy to assemble and prepare and you don’t have to go to the salon. Let’s go through them one by one!

Sunshine to lighten hair

Yes, you read it right. Sunshine. And it’s free! when exposed to UV/UVA rays your hair will tend to lighten on its own. A spray of lemon juice diluted with water can be sprayed, as you bask under the sun, as catalyzers to fasten the process. Although this process is advised only for people who have naturally blonde hair and if used on natural brunette hair a reddish-orange hue might be seen. So you can tone it up according to your choice and the natural colour of your hair.

Lemon juice to lighten hair

Spraying Lemon juice on your scalp and hair is one of the safest and the most popular ways to lighten your hair under budget. There’s almost no other substitute to it in terms of safety.

To even multiply the effect being in the safety bracket you can add sea salt to it. Sea salt too, makes your hair light. If you want to do this right and are open to stretch the budget just a little, try various variants of such light products as lemon juice and sea salt available in the market 

Chamomile to lighten hair

After brewing a strong cup of chamomile, let it cool for a while and start applying it to your hair for a highlight. Apart from lightening your hair or enriching your hair colour 

it has a myriad of other uses for the nourishment of your Hair like keeping it moisturized, keeping It Frizz-Free, it is a natural anti-dandruff solution, it adds shine and lustre to your hair, prevents Hair Fall and promotes hair growth and is good for oily hair and scalp.

Vinegar to lighten hair

Distilled white vinegar or apple cider vinegar is easily available in the market and are cheap which is a plus point. They’re definitely a good option to lighten your hair.

You can rinse your hair with diluted vinegar and then rinse your hair once again with cold water to enrich the colour and bring dull strands back to life. And if you have had a bleach mishap before this, coating your hair with a conditioner to preserve moisture is recommended. 

Honey to lighten hair

Applying honey to your hair to lighten it might take a bit more time and effort to get the results. Most effective on light hair and natural blondes, honey should be mixed with water and applied to get top-notch results. Add =ing hydrogen peroxide as an activator to enhance the effect. By adding hydrogen peroxide it will no longer remain that natural but it is worth a try because it is not aggressive to the scalp and hair.

Baking Soda

You need hydrogen peroxide to activate baking soda if you want to lighten your hair with it. When you mix both the ingredients you will make a paste out of it. Keep this paste in a bowl and apply it to every strand of your hair carefully with a brush. This will give you a different range of looks by giving a hue of different colours.

There are various other methods to lighten hair without bleach like the application of henna powder, cinnamon, and salt. All of these are mixed with something or the other to either dilute it or make it active. All of these procedures are safer compared to bleach and are easy to perform without going to a salon. On top of that, these require a very little budget. Getting that perfect look and lightened tone on your hair is easy.