Whenever we talk about changing looks it always comes to changing your hairstyle. Hair is key to changing style plus changing attitude. Whenever we change our hairstyle, we change our attitude. So when it comes to looking best, the right haircut is important, but the right hair color might be more important. Whether you have Morena or pale skin, choosing a hair color that works with your skin tone is the key to rocking your look. Everybody has their own style with their own hair colors, but everything comes down to the right hair color that makes you more beautiful.

Having hair colors for pale skin is difficult.

Finding the right hair color is like finding the right concealer for your skin tone. 

The right hair color for your pale skin depends on identifying your undertone.

Having pale skin may be beautiful but it isn’t easy. But knowing what hair color is right for your skin tone is difficult, especially with all of the boned, Ombre & gray hair color trends of the past few years. 

 If you just take a peek in any beauty supply store, you’ll quickly see that the options are much, much more complicated than simply blonde or brown. Fortunately, there are dozens of hair colors for pale skin tones to choose from for you. So, your next hair appointment shouldn’t be stressful. It should be rather fun and exciting!

 Hair Colors for Pale Skin

Coloring your hair can give you a makeover but at the same time, can also open the door to regret so it’s natural to be confused while choosing your hair color. Before you find the perfect hair for yourself, start by understanding your skin tone. The color you choose for your skin tone might give you a year off or give you the best looks. Basically, if you think any color that you love looks great on you or looks best on you, we hate to break it to you but that is not how it works.

For confused souls, let’s help you identify your hair color for your pale skin tone.

 1- Blonde Hair color :  

  • Honey Blonde: If you have a pale complexion with a warm tone, the honey blonde will look stunning.
  • Platinum Blonde: Platinum Blonde color and cool- toned fair skin is a match made in heaven.
  • Bronde: If you are lightening your natural brunette hair to achieve bronde hair ,you might deal with a bit of brassiness. Instead of that just use a bronde color.
  • Mushroom Blonde: If you are looking for lighter hair but keep your ashy hair colors, use mushroom blonde.

2- Brunette Hair Colors : 

  • Mushroom Brown: This ashy brunette shade that incorporates notes of light gray and deep brown is on trend. It gives you stunning looks.
  • Caramel Brown: It looks natural and hot  on pale skin 
  • Chocolate Brown:  Chocolate brown is a mixture of red, honey, or gold. 
  • Milk Brown: If you think chocolate brown is dark for you, no tension you can use milk brown shade for a lighter choice.
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3- Red Hair Color : 

  • Cinnamon: No matter your skin tone, cinnamon hair color is a great choice.
  • Light Auburn: Light Brown hair  fits every skin tone.
  • Dark Auburn: This fiery shade gives you hot looks
  • Burgundy: Burgundy hair color is best for any fair skin tone. It will suit every skin tone.
  • Copper: Ladies with pale skin and blue eyes it’s the perfect fit for them.

4- Fantasy Hair Color :

  • Money Piece: Full head of black hair can look overwhelming. Ask your colorist to paint money piece highlights.
  • Charcoal: It particularly well fits on cool undertones in your skin.
  • Smoky Lilac: Smoky Lilac is always trendy, it will look good on cool-tone skin.
  • Pastel Blue: If you are thinking about pastel blue it will look good on cool-toned skin. It gives you an ice-shade look.
  • Bubblegum Pink: Pale girl can’t go wrong with pink hair, but the right shade is important. Bubblegum pink  looks good on fair skin and cool undertones.
  • Hot Pink: If you have pale complexion, it’s time to start thinking  pink- and we mean hot pink! 
  • Rainbow: When you combine pale skin with multicolor, it’s the sky’s limit. If you’re dreaming of the ultimate fantasy color combo, go bold with #rainbow hair color.