As we all know that hair enhances our beauty and our entire look depends on the hair itself. Everyone wants healthy and shiny hair, but in today’s time, it has become a little difficult to keep your hair healthy. In today’s time, people have become very busy and due to being busy, they are not able to pay attention to their hair and do not even take care of them. Women and men both are facing hair problems because they want healthy hair. Many people do not know how to take care of their hair, due to which they face many problems related to hair such as damaged hair, rough hair, hair fall, etc. To keep the hair healthy, it is very important to take care of the hair properly. To keep healthy hair there are several best treatments for the hair. 

Wash your hair 

First of all, you should clean your hair. Don’t wash your hair regularly because this is not good for your hair. Always do an oil massage before washing hair, because of the oil massage, the hair becomes very soft and shiny. Hair should always be washed once every 2 days. Always wash your hair with cold water or normal water. If you have treated hair so you can wash your hair frequently.

 Use chemical-free shampoo 

You should choose the right shampoo according to your hair type because a good shampoo also helps maintain healthy hair. The shampoo helps reduce the damaged hair and increases your hair volume. Shampoo cleans all dirt from your hair such as extra oil, soil, etc. harsh shampoo is very harmful to the hair.

Use conditioner 

Conditioner must be used after washing hair. So you should choose a good or chemical-free conditioner.  Using conditioner keeps our hair healthy and shiny Because conditioner reduces the dryness of our hair and gives a moisturizer to the hair. Our hair becomes soft due to the conditioner. Conditioner always applies after washing hair and it’s always applied to the hair for 4 to 5 minutes. Don’t use conditioner without shampoo and it is not applied like shampoo. 

Avoid hot water 

As you must be aware that hot water has many benefits and also many disadvantages. Sometimes it is good for us and sometimes it is harmful to us. Hot water is very harmful to our hair because hot water damages our hair. Due to hot water, hair becomes very rough and hair fall also starts. That’s why don’t use hot water on your hair.

Apply oil

As we all know that oil is very beneficial for hair.  Oil reduces the dryness of our hair, makes the hair longer and thicker. oil ki vajah se bal bhut shiny ho jate hai. Oil is the best way and easiest way to keep healthy hair.  You should apply oil on your hair and massage with a slow hand. This will make you feel very comfortable. Oil should always be applied to the roots of the hair, only then it is very effective.

 Trim your hair

Trimming is the very easiest way to maintain healthy hair.  By cutting our hair, our bad hair gets removed and new strength starts. Trimming increases the growth of our hair and also starts the thickening of hair. We all should do trimming at least once a week as it does more to our hair.

Home remedies to maintain the healthy hair 

Coconut oil 

Coconut oil is very beneficial for our hair and also our health.  It gives a moisturizer to the hair that is very effective for hair. Coconut oil is mostly used to remove dryness. coconut oil contains all indigraints such as nutrients and vitamins. With coconut oil, our hair starts growing very quickly. Everyone should use coconut oil.

Aloe Vera 

Everyone knows aloe vera and it is the best natural home remedy. It is a tree. Mostly it is found in everyone’s house. Aloverore is very useful and beneficial for our hair problem, our skin problem, and our health . Aloe contains many active ingredients and minerals that are used for strengthening your hair. Aloe Vera gel repairs the damaged hair and it provides a protective layer to the hair. You should apply aloe vera gel with raw milk .


If you want to keep your hair healthy then it is very important to take care of it. So choose the chemical free shampoo, a good conditioner and  a good oil for your hair. And avoid the hot things such as hot water, straightening hair machines, hair drier. And don’t use chemical color on the hair . I hope these tips will be useful for you  to keep your healthy hair.